Download STURY (a study planner using the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve)

You want to memorize effectively, but you don’t know when to review.

Even if you decide to review in a certain number of days, it’s often hard to manage.

We have prepared a study planner that can help you solve such problems.

It’s called “STURY,” and it was created by a certified psychologist.
It is based on Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve, which is used to derive the “saving rate” of memorization.

If you use it to review regularly, you will be less likely to forget, and you can visually see how much you have studied.

If you enter the date you first studied, the system will automatically enter when you should study next.

Areas that need to be studied today will be yellow, areas that need to be studied but have passed will be red, and areas that have been studied and recorded will be blue.

Let’s make the table change to blue more and more, and proceed with memorization efficiently.

In the half-year and yearly records on a separate sheet, you can see at a glance on the data bar how much you have studied in total!

The color scale on the right shows in color which materials you are studying in particular, making it easy to understand.

We’ll be using Excel or Google Spreadsheets, so you’ll have
If you use a PC, you can change the timing and color of your review at will!

With a smartphone, you can quickly record your work on the go.

Upon purchase, you will be provided with a manual page for usage and customization.
You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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