Google Spreadsheets

How to reduce the number of teaching aids (spreadsheets)

By default, “STURY” allows you to record 5 teaching materials.

On this page we will tell you how to reduce the number of sheets of material you can record (reduce the display), and conversely how to increase it.

First of all, please make a backup copy of the entire file so that you can restore it.

You will also be guided through the process on a PC screen.

“STURY”, which appears in the following description, can be downloaded from the following link↓

How to reduce the number of teaching aids (hide sheets)

There are ways of deleting sheets etc., but this can get complicated if you want to add more, so here is a way of hiding the teaching material.

If you find it too slow, you can reduce the number of materials by deleting them, rather than hiding them, as described below.

You can then write them to a different file to make it run more smoothly.

Hide the “◎◎” sheet

For example, let’s say you want to hide “◎◎ Records” in the diagram below.

Press the triangle to the right of “◎◎ Records” and select “Hide sheet”.

You can then hide it.

Hide even yearly and half-yearly records

Next, hide the “◎◎ Record” from the Annual record and Half yearly record as they are still displayed.

Select the column you want to delete (in this case column I) and make sure that the whole column is greyed out.

Next, right-click on the area marked “I”, which will open a menu as shown in the image below, and left-click on “Hide column”.

This will hide the area between columns H and J, as shown in the image below.
You will see two triangles between columns H and J.
This means that column I is now hidden.

This is the end of the hiding process. You don’t need to change the formula.

How to get back on track from a reduced number of teaching materials

We will show you how to re-display material that has been hidden in the above way.

Re-display the “◎◎” sheet

In the menu bar, select View > Hidden Sheets > ◎◎.

This will complete the re-display of the sheet.

Re-display of annual and half-yearly records

Open the sheet you wish to view again.

You can see two triangles between columns H and J. This is where the sheet is hidden.

To show it again, select the columns next to the hidden column, in this case columns H and J.

To do this, select the columns marked ‘H’ and ‘J’ by dragging them to the left, just as you did when you hid them.

Right-click where it says “H” or “J” to bring up the menu, then left-click on “Unhide column”.

The column will now reappear.

We do not recommend increasing the number of teaching materials

In the Excel manual, after how to reduce the number of materials, we also described how to increase them, but we don’t officially recommend it for Google Spreadsheets.

This is because it is quite heavy, even with just five…

This is probably due to the fact that there are quite a few formulas in it.

So if you want more than six, you’ll have to copy the whole file, or download it again from the download screen, and make a new record!