List of ways to use “STURY”

Common use of Excel and spreadsheets

How to change the timing of your review

This is a way of changing the timing of the review of each study record sheet.


How to use STURY in Excel

How to change the number of materials

By default, you can register 5 materials, but we will tell you how to reduce or increase the number.


How to change the colour of the data bars and tables

You can change the default orange colour to a different colour.


How to use STURY in Google Spreadsheets

How to download a file

This is how to download a file in a spreadsheet. It is more complicated than Excel, so we have made it manual.


If today’s date is off

If your spreadsheet is set to a non-Japanese date and time, the Today’s Date section may be slightly out of sync.


How to reduce the number of teaching materials

You can reduce the number of materials by hiding sheets or columns. It is not recommended to increase the number in the spreadsheet.

Change colour of data bars and colour scales

You can change the colours of the data bars and the colour scale (table). Using colour codes is a fun way to change the colours completely to your liking.