Google Spreadsheets

How to download the STURY template for Google Spreadsheets

This is how to download a Google Spreadsheet “STURY”.

We will tell you how to do it both on your PC and on your phone.

To use Google Spreadsheets, you will need a Google account.
If you don’t have one, please click here to create one.

How to download on a PC

Click the download button for the “STURY” in Google Spreadsheets.

Then you will see a screen like this. Please click the “Sign in” button on the upper right and sign in with your Google account. If you are already signed in, you do not need to sign in again.

Also, when you open the file, you will see an icon to the left of the login button. This indicates that other people are opening this file at the same time.

The specification of the spreadsheet, which is anonymous viewing for everyone except me, is written as “Anonymous XX (animal name). Please be assured that your personal information will not be leaked.

Next, select “File” > “Make a copy” in the upper left corner.

Rename the file to whatever name you want, and if you want to change the save location, select a folder as well.

Select “OK”.

You will see that two tabs have been created and a new file has been saved.

If you are newly able to save the file, please record it in this file, as it will be your own personal file.

How to download on your phone

Next, we’ll tell you how to download STURY on your phone.

First of all, if you don’t have the spreadsheet app, please download it.

You can find the app by searching for “Google Spreadsheets” in the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

You will also need to sign in with your own Google account.

Press the button “Download STURY” in the Google Spreadsheet on the download page.

Press “<” in the top left corner.

Select the “…” to the right of the downloaded file name.

Select “Make a copy”.

After you have made your copy, press “<” again to return to the top page.

You will see a “STURY” and a “Copy of STURY”.

At the bottom of the “STURY” is an icon of two people in a row. This was originally downloaded and cannot be edited, so please delete this file from the “…” menu.

The “Copy of STURY” is now your own file and you are free to edit it as you wish.

If you want to change the name of the file, you can do so by clicking on the “…” button on the right.

That’s it!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.