Download the study planner using the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve

Even if you want to study efficiently, it’s often difficult to know when to revise.

This time, we’d like to introduce you to STURY, the solution to this problem.

You can download it and use it straight away!

If you use it to study, you’ll be less likely to forget, and you’ll be able to visually see how much you’ve studied.

You can put Excel on OneDrive or similar, so you can update it quickly on your home computer or on your phone when you are away (you may need Office365).

We have also created a version for Google Spreadsheets, so even if you don’t have Excel, you can use it as long as you have a computer or phone.

Effective timing of revision

Have you ever heard of the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve?

Ebbinghaus used nonsense spellings (e.g. “HFU”) to study memory.

He found that it takes less time to remember the same information the second time round than the first time round, after having learned it completely the first time, and he expressed this as a saving rate.

Savings = (time spent on original learning – time spent on relearning) / time spent on original learning x 100

It shows that in the first 20 minutes the forgetting curve falls sharply, but after that the curve becomes more gradual.

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The University of Waterloo’s “Campus Wellness Curve of Forgetting” also describes a good time to review an hour’s worth of lecture content.

A good time to review

10 minutes in 24 hours
5 minutes after 1 week
2 to 4 minutes by the 30th day

If you review at this time, you will remember almost as much in a month’s time as you did when you first learnt it. In total, it will take you only 17 to 19 minutes to complete your revision.

If you don’t review, you will need to spend 40-50 minutes relearning.

From this information, you can see that the timing of revision is quite important.

However, it would take a lot of effort to write down the timing of revision for all your studies on your own.

We have used information from Ebbinghaus’s Oblivion Curve and an article from the University of Waterloo to create the downloadable content, but this information is completely unrelated to the content.

Please note that the content is completely unrelated to this information.

Introduction to “STURY”

If you go to the bottom of this page, you will find information on how to download the files, but first let me explain the planning tables.

There are three different pages in total.

3 types of pages

(1) ○○ (a sheet that shows you when to revise effectively)
(2) Half yearly
(3) Annual record

(1)○○(←Please change the name to the name of the reference book.)

This sheet allows you to enter the date of your first study and it will automatically enter when you need to study next.

It changes to yellow if you need to study today, red if you need to study today but have passed it, and blue if you have finished studying and recorded it.

Basically, you use this sheet to record your daily study.

Of course, you can change the timing of your revision.

By default, this template contains 5 sheets, so you can register 5 reference books or question papers.

(2) Half yearly

“Half yearly” is a sheet where you can see at a glance what and how much you have studied each day.

This sheet is almost entirely updated automatically (only the “○○” and “memo” sections are written by hand).

The data bar reflects how much you have studied in total.

In the table on the right, the more you study, the darker the color will appear.

(3) Annual record

It is similar to ” Half yearly” in (2), but this one is displayed on a monthly basis.

Here, too, everything is automatically updated except for the “○○” and “memo” fields.

Instructions for use can be found on a separate page.

Download STURY

Once you’ve paid, you can download as many downloads as you’d like for yourself, so take advantage!

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