Excel & Spreadsheets

How to change the timing of your review (Excel and spreadsheets)

On this page we will show you how to change the review timing for each study record sheet in Excel and Spreadsheets.

You can download “STURY” from the link below.

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The following operations are based on the purchase of a subscription to Office365.

The instructions are also based on a PC screen.

The screenshots that appear in the explanation below are from spreadsheets, but you can work with Excel in much the same way.

Change the timing of the review (XX day)

Here we will tell you how to do this if, for example, you want to change the date “one day” in column F to “three day”.

Change of heading section

First, change the heading of the F3 cell.
This is just a manual input, so change it to “two days”.

Change the formula in F4 cell

Next, we will change the F4 cell. Select the F4 cell.

Next, change the formula bar at the top, which contains “=IF($C4=””,0,$C4+1)”, to the following.

1 day later: =IF($C4=””,0,$C4+1)

After 2 days: =IF($C4=””,0,$C4+2)

After 30 days : =IF($C4=””,0,$C4+30)

You can change the last number depending on how many days you want it to be after counting from cell C4.

(In the example above, we have also included 30 days later for clarity).

The cells at the bottom will also reflect the changes in content

Next, change not only F4, but also the cells from F5 to F200 in the same way.

Hover your cursor over the bottom right corner of the F4 cell and it will change to a cross (+), click and drag it to the F200 cell (This is called “AutoFill”. If you don’t know how to do this, please search for “AutoFill”).

Check that the formula is correct all the way through.

Select the cell at F200 and look at the formula bar.


It has now been changed to “2”.

You are now ready to change the review timing.