Change colour of data bars and tables (Excel)

In this article, we would like to tell you how to change the colour of the data bars in the Annual and Half Yearly Records.

That’s what the data bar is for!

You can change the colour of the data bar as well as the rest of the table in the same way, so have a go.

The following tasks are explained on a PC screen.

“STURY”, which appears in the following description, can be downloaded from the following link↓


Changing the colour of the data bar

First, press the “Home” in the top left corner.

Then select “Conditional Formatting” -> “Manage Rules”.

Select the pull-down next to Show formatting rules and choose “This worksheet”.

The next step is to select the “Data Bar”. Press on the area where it says “Data Bar” to select it and the background will turn blue.

We are now changing the colour of the data bar in the “Half-yearly records” sheet, and the table to the right of the data bar can be changed by selecting “Graded Color Scale”.

With the data bar selected, press ‘Edit Rules’.

Press the pull-down to choose a colour.

If you select “More Colors…”, you will see more colours, so choose the one you like best.

When you have made your choice, press “OK”.

When you return to the original screen, press “Apply”.

You will see that the colour of the data bar has changed. If you are happy with the colour, select “OK”.

The colour change is now complete.

This is when you change the colour of the table to the right of the data bar.

By default, there are two colours, but you can also change it to three colours.

If you set the format style to “3-Color Scale”, you will get three colours.

You can change the colour of various places to your liking in the same way as before, so try to customize it to your liking!